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Garlicky Recipes for Every Occasion!

Welcome to Garlic Infused Living, where we celebrate the irresistible allure of garlic in the culinary world. Dive into a world where garlic infuses every dish with its aromatic charm. Embark on this flavorful journey through our curated collection of garlic recipes! Be prepared to tantalize your taste buds and awaken your senses to the magic of this humble yet mighty ingredient.

Classic to Crazy

From classic comfort foods to crazy culinary creations, our garlic recipe collection offers something for every palate. Indulge in savory garlic bread, savor the richness of garlic-infused salad dressings, or delight in the succulence of garlic steak.

You’ll find all of our recipes right here on this page.

Use Every Clove

We love growing garlic just as much as we love to eat it. If you’ve got an abundance of garlic that you need to use up – or send to friends as gifts – then we have some recipes that might be of interest.

From soft and mellow confit garlic to rich and warming roasted garlic there are some amazing ways to coax out flavor from every clove. Did you know that you can make a jar of minced garlic at home too?

Easy Garlic Recipes

We create step-by-step recipes that are not just flavorful but also easy to follow. Our detailed instructions guide you through each culinary creation, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned chef.

In each recipe below, we’ll give you a simple list of ingredients and clear instructions. Don’t believe us? Start with our Garlic Aioli Recipe – you can make it in just five minutes with ingredients you already have. We also have some tips to give you on what to pair your garlicky creations with!

Plus, our commitment to food safety extends beyond the kitchen. Visit our nutrition blog to discover expert tips on proper storage of garlic, ensuring maximum freshness and flavor in your dishes. Learn about the potential health benefits of garlic and explore food hygiene practices there too.